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Transportation of Perishable Foods

Transportation of Perishable Foods

Transporting perishable food items

The transportation industry of perishable food items via sea is a growing industry, given the increasing global population and the need to provide adequate food for them. Sea transportation is the second main method of global transportation after air transportation, and it is suitable for carrying food items including chain stores, food companies, and food factories due to its durability and high load-carrying capacity. However, the use of perishable food items in this industry creates significant health concerns for officials and consumers. This article will discuss the benefits and positive aspects of this industry. Use of modern technologies: The sea transportation industry is trying to transport food items with the highest level of hygiene by using modern technologies and the latest equipment, given the rapid growth of technology. For example, it is possible to maintain the quality of imported frozen fish by complying with suitable conditions for transporting fish. Reducing food waste: The sea transportation industry avoids wasting food items by high-level accuracy in planning, factors such as delays in movement level and specific weather conditions. For example, specialized logistics bases for food items have been developed in some countries to store and maintain food items properly. To this end, the latest technologies in automatic refrigeration systems are used. Increased competition in the market: By increasing competition in the market, the sea transportation industry of perishable food items reduces the concerns of consumers and health officials and, along with improving the quality of services, results in appropriate prices for products. Improving job conditions: The creation of jobs in the field of sea transportation of food items is one of the advantages of this industry. Given that the sea transportation industry is one of the profitable industries for most countries due to the need for equipment and skilled employees, it provides more job opportunities and improves job conditions.One of the main methods of transporting perishable food materials is by using Reefer containers for transportation.

Reefer container

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Reefer containers, or containers containing cooling products, are a new type of container used to transport products that require controlled temperatures. These containers have advanced cooling systems that allow them to be regulated at very low or high temperatures. The use of Reefer containers for transporting chilled products is an example of proper performance in the transportation industry. With the use of these containers, chilled products can be transported to the final destination without any change in quality. Additionally, these containers are used as a safe and sanitary transportation solution for products such as perishable foods, drugs, and other products that require temperature control.

The benefits of using Reefer containers are numerous; these benefits include:

1- Improving product quality: By using Reefer containers, chilled products are kept at the appropriate temperature during transportation, which improves their quality and increases their shelf life.

2- Increasing security: By using Reefer containers, products are protected from hazards such as pests, diseases, and even extreme cold or heat during travel.

3- Cost savings: The use of Reefer containers reduces costs associated with product damage during transportation. Additionally, using Reefer containers for transportation is an efficient and precise solution on a large scale, resulting in cost savings in overall transportation costs.

4- Reliability: By using Reefer containers, it is ensured that chilled products are protected during transportation and delivered properly to the final destination. The use of Reefer containers has made transporting chilled products easier and safer. Additionally, the use of these containers reduces ancillary costs and increases product quality.

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