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About Us

About Al Tariq Al Azraq

Maritime transportation has always been one of the most attractive methods of transporting heavy and special loads at a reasonable cost; Factors such as security, speed, history, and fair prices are among the important criteria for collaborating with a shipping company. Now, Al Tariq Al Azraq Shipping Company is with you to trade with peace of mind and take firmer steps.

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A Passion of Youth: The Story of the Formation of the Al Tariq Al Azraq

Mr. Tofigh Babarahmati (founder) has had a great interest in the maritime transport sector since his youth. Their family’s long history in this field and his own efforts led them to finally becoming the owner of several vessels? after overcoming challenges, gaining experience and learning about shipping, and creating The Al Tariq Al Azraq with Mr. Mehdi Khatouni (an experienced person in the shipping industry). They run their business with the insight that humans are created to serve their fellow human beings in various fields, and they have been successful in their business so far. To this day, Al Tariq Al Azraq Shipping Company has a track record of 25 years of work experience, 1250 successful projects, cooperation with more than 80 different customers, and has proudly recorded these achievements in its work record by receiving an award from the Chamber of Commerce of the Ports Organisation and Border Guards Cooperative.

Suitable for various needs; Al Tariq Al Azraq services

Al Tariq Al Azraq International Services offers a variety of services such as ship rental and charter, transportation with various containers, transportation of food and cars, transportation in bulk (number, bundle, carton, pallet and bag) and warehouse services at origin and destination. (If you need other exclusive services, you can contact us); The scope of these services will be provided in all ports of the Persian Gulf.

Rest assured; benefits of working with Al Tariq Al Azraq

The Al Tariq Al Azraq team is well aware of the challenges faced by owners and customs clearance agents and makes every effort to provide professional services and reliable solutions for addressing these challenges. For example, in order to make you more comfortable, you can entrust customs clearance services to our customs clearance experts; Also, ground transportation conditions can be provided from ports to your desired locations in the country. Due to Al Tariq Al Azraq cooperation with reputable representatives of exporters and importers of goods and the existence of various warehouses in Dubai and Persian Gulf ports, you can safely entrust us with your cargo transportation. We have registered cases such as commitment to customers in shipment processes, trustworthiness, speed of operation in affairs, and fair costs as our values from the early days of activity until now and we will adhere to them.

Like a wave in motion; The future of Al Tariq Al Azraq

We hope to enter new and modern industries with the support of experienced managers and teams, expand our service area by increasing floaters, updating transportation equipment, adding new services and using new technologies, and have more extensive cooperation with neighboring countries. Our goal is to make the future of the Al Tariq Al Azraq Company brighter and gain your valuable customers’ satisfaction more than ever before and provide you with peace of mind; Your trust is well appreciated by us.