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Shipping and Chartering Ships in the Iran

Shipping and Chartering Ships in the Iran

History of Shipping and Chartering Ships in the Iran

Since ancient times, the Persian Gulf has been the center of trade and commerce. As business grows and demand increases, fleet charter operations become more and more popular. In Iran, this industry quickly became an important part of domestic and foreign trade inside and outside the borders. More in the 1979s after the Islamic Revolution, the international economic sanctions affected Iran, which made the operation of leasing the ship fleet more important. Iranian shipping companies contributed to the domestic economy by using large ships for import and export activities. Also, they provide professional services such as freight and container service to meet the needs of customers. By partnering with other companies around the world, these shipping companies have expanded their fleet charter operations and become part of the global business. In addition to Iran, other countries present in the Persian Gulf region, such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, have also made a significant development in their fleet leasing operations. They operate not only in the Persian Gulf region, but also all over the world and are known as one of the important entrepreneurs of global trade. In general, fleet leasing operations play an important role in the history of Iran and the Persian Gulf region. The development of this industry has made the world trade better and more efficient and promotes the growth of the regional economy.

Freighting and Chartering

Chartering and freighting are two common ways to transport cargo in international trade. Chartering a vessel means paying a certain fee and obtaining the right to use the vessel by the lessee, while shipping means paying a certain fee by the shipper to transport the goods using the vessel. In the shipping industry, there are several types of ships for charter or shipping, such as dry cargo ships, oil tankers, container ships, etc. The United Nations Maritime Organization has defined international rules for the regulation of ship charter contracts between ship owners and lessors. These rules include the conditions related to the rental period, rental fee, insurance and cargo responsibility. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to legal disputes. The advantages of renting a ship and shipping by ship can be mentioned as flexibility, cost control and compatibility with the market. For companies that have a small amount of goods, the use of these methods is very low-cost and affordable.

Shipping and Chartering Ships Services in the Iran; Al Tariq Al Azraq Shipping

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