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Shipping and Chartering Ships in the UAE

Shipping and Chartering Ships in the UAE

History of Shipping and Chartering Ships in the UAE

Industry of ship rental and charter in the Persian Gulf dates back to several centuries ago. In the past few centuries, the Persian Gulf has been one of the important international trade areas. From China to Europe, this area has attracted merchants and travelers from all over the world. Transportation of goods has been the main method of these commercial activities and the use of sea transportation has been inevitable. Initially, local ships were used to transport goods, but over time, the demand rapidly increased and local merchants did not have enough ships or technology to respond to these changes. Therefore, local merchants began to buy large commercial ships from foreign countries, which could carry the most goods and travel longer distances than local ships. However, due to the lack of sufficient financial resources to buy these ships, local merchants turned to cargo transportation and ship rental services. These services allowed merchants to rent ships owned by other companies to meet their transportation needs. In the late nineteenth century, the cargo transportation and ship rental market in the Persian Gulf began to flourish and became a large industry. In the early twentieth century, some local merchants entered the international transportation market. They bought large ships and rented them to foreign companies, and this industry also achieved greater success. The cargo transportation and ship rental industry in the Persian Gulf continues to this day, and many local companies have become pioneers in transportation services. Generally, in the past few decades, with the development of international trade and advances in technology, this industry has been able to grow rapidly and achieve great success.

Freighting and Chartering

Chartering and freighting are two common ways to transport cargo in international trade. Chartering a vessel means paying a certain fee and obtaining the right to use the vessel by the lessee, while shipping means paying a certain fee by the shipper to transport the goods using the vessel. In the shipping industry, there are several types of ships for charter or shipping, such as dry cargo ships, oil tankers, container ships, etc. The United Nations Maritime Organization has defined international rules for the regulation of ship charter contracts between ship owners and lessors. These rules include the conditions related to the rental period, rental fee, insurance and cargo responsibility. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to legal disputes. The advantages of renting a ship and shipping by ship can be mentioned as flexibility, cost control and compatibility with the market. For companies that have a small amount of goods, the use of these methods is very low-cost and affordable. In the United Arab Emirates, ship chartering and shipping is one of the important economic activities. This country has new ports and transportation equipment and is located in global trade routes, so the maritime transportation industry of this country has a very high potential for development.

Shipping and Chartering Ships Services in the UAE; Al Tariq Al Azraq Shipping

The cargo transportation market in the United Arab Emirates is very dynamic and growing. Due to the growth of various industries and the need to transport cargo inside and outside the country, Al tariq Al Azraq Shipping Company, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of cargo transportation and cargo ship rental in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the best options to offer Cargo transportation and ship rental services in this country. With advanced and modern equipment, we try to solve any problem on the way to the arrival of your cargo. In addition, having the necessary licenses from the ports of the United Arab Emirates and other countries, we will be able to provide the most complete cargo transportation and ship charter services to dear exporters in all ports of the Persian Gulf. Also, due to the advancement of technology in the transportation industry, we use advanced systems to monitor the cargo during the journey so that we can improve any problems on the way to the destination of your cargo. By providing specialized services, we enable you to operate optimally in your industry. Our services are designed based on customer satisfaction, and by providing 24-hour support, we are ready to solve the problems and needs of our customers at any moment;
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